Download an example : PictExample.sit (120K)


How to create icons from pictures






To create an icon, you need two pictures, i.e. a 32-bit color image and a mask, saved in QuickTime-compatible format (PICT, JPEG, PDF, PSD, or TIFF). The mask should be a 128x128 pixels graphic with 8-bit grayscale depth. The white areas of the mask represents the transparent area of the icon while the black areas represents the colorful area of the icon. Both pictures can be created by most graphic editors, including Adobe Photoshop and GraphicConverter.



1. Import a 32-bit color image with the Select Picture command of Folder Icon X's File menu.
2. Import a 8-bit grayscale mask with the Select Picture Mask command of File menu.
3. Save the icon by using the
Save button of the main window.
4. You should get the icon as depicted below.



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Updated : December 3, 2005