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Primer Validator is a scientific utility which allows researchers to verify whether the designed primer is unique for the gene of interest or not. It will be useful if that gene is a member of a large superfamily. In addition, researchers may want to check if the oligonucleotide at the 3´ end can bind to the cDNAs of other genes within the same superfamily. Because most primer-designing programs do not automatically search for matched sequences in other genes, Primer Validator will help researchers to search inside multiple genes simultaneously, and select the best designed primer which is specific to the studied gene.

Please note that the Primer Validator is not a primer-designing program. You must have a list of primers for the studied gene first. Please also read the Instruction inside the downloaded package for more informations.



1. Enter the upper primer here.
2. Enter the lower primer here.
3. Sequence list

  • You can save this list by using the Save List command of the File menu.
  • To open the saved list, just double-click on the file icon on your desktop, or drop the saved file on this area.
  • You can also double-click on the list to open the target sequence.
  • To delete a file from the list, please use the Delete key from your keyboard.
  • The numbers on the second and third column of the list represent matched upper and lower primers, respectively.
  • To sort the list, use the Sort List command of the Edit menu.
4. Displaying canvas. You can open the sequence files by dropping the files on this area.
5. Search button: press this button to begin searching all listed files.
6. Current search area: this area will show you the currently active primers.
7. Position of upper and lower primers:
  • Optional.
  • If you enter numbers here, the engine will underline found sequences within those positions, and label them with red and blue color, respectively, otherwise the engine will label them with orange and magenta.
  • If the sequence file contains matched oligonucleotides, the yellow icon on the file list will be changed to be a magenta icon.


8. Summary of the search engine.
9. Name of the active file.


Sequence Files

The sequence file can be obtained from an online database, e.g. It is in FASTA format and has ".txt" extension (can be created by Apple's TextEdit). Please see the example below. Primer Validator will not read the information beginning with " > " sign, therefore, you can add any information inside the sequence file - just make sure that you have " > " in front of that information. The first line with " > " should be the gene's name, so it will be read by the engine and show on the "Gene" area of the main window.




  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • QuickTime 5.0 or later


Language support

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Primer Validator is a shareware.

  • Single user license US$ 15.00
  • Site license US$ 120.00




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Primer Validator 1.3 (2.6 MB)


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Updated: January 7, 2006