Current Mac OS X Version : Print Documents CM 1.1.2 (420K)




Print Documents CM is a Mac OS X-compatible contextual menu plugin which allows users to print selected documents. The actions of Print Documents CM is as same as those of the Mac OS X's Desktop Printers, which are printer icons appearing on the desktop. Normally, users must create a Desktop Printer from the Printer Setup Utility, and must drag a document on a Desktop Printer icon to print the documents. With Print Documents CM, users no longer need the Desktop Printers anymore, but all printers still wait silently for the printing command. To print with Print Documents CM, just click on a target document and activate a target printer through the contextual menu. Print Documents CM also supports multiple selection, so users can print several documents from a single command. The current version supports 5 languages : English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.



  • All printers, set by Printer Setup Utility, will be shown on the contextual menu for easy access.
  • Save your desktop space because you no longer need to create several Desktop Printers on the desktop.
  • Print documents with single click, no drag and drop required.
  • Support multiple selection, so users can print several documents with a printer using a single command.


Important note

Before using the Print Documents CM, please make sure that your Desktop Printer works properly. Once it works properly, you can remove it from the desktop by trashing it. To create a Desktop Printer:

1. Launch the Printer Setup Utility inside the Utilities folder of the Applications folder.
2. Select a printer from the main list.
3. Bring up the Printers menu from the menu bar.
4. Choose the Create Desktop Printer command from the Printers menu.



  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • Compatible with both PowerPC and Intel Mac.


Language support

If you want to translate Print Documents CM, please contact me at:



Print Documents CM is a shareware.

  • Single user license US$ 8.00
  • Site license US$ 90.00




Purchase online at:
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Print Documents CM 1.1.2 (420K)


If you have problems about Print Documents CM, please e-mail me at:


Updated: April 1, 2006