Why I obtain some white icons when source image is extremely large?
This is a minor bug which the element of problem may reside in the system itself. If the picture is, approximately, larger then 900 icons, you may observe some white icons. These white icons are not corrupted and can be displayed normally if you “strongly” refresh them, e.g. open their Get Info windows and check then uncheck “Locked” check box. Indeed, system will suffer if you open a folder which contains icons greater that 500 icons.

Why are my icons not properly arranged?
Check you Finder “View Options” of your destination. It should be set as depicted below. To access this window, choose View Options command from View menu of Finder. See figure

Why I obtain some black squares in the icons’ name?
Check your view font from Appearance control panel. Some fonts, e.g. Espy Sans, Geneva Greek or Monaco Greek, should not be used because they apply some characters to the icon set. This problem is not unique to Iconizer Pro but most softwares which can build the icon set must have this problem.

Why icon set built by version 1.3.6 or newer have white bars inside the graphics?
This problem is very rare. It is caused by some third party softwares which can modify Mac OS routines, e.g. Natural Order 1.4 and Title Free 1.3.2. Anyway, if your output icon set looks normal on your computer, it will look normal on other computer too.

Why popup menu of the Format option in Select Picture open dialog does not work?
This problem occurs only on Mac OS 8.6. Upgrade your system to Mac OS 9 or later will fix this problem.

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Updated : April 26, 2003