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Launch Items X consists of three components :

  • Launch Items Editor X
  • The contextual menu modules, i.e. plugin modules
  1. Launch Items X.plugin
2. Favorites Items.plugin
3. Browse Volumes.plugin
4. Open Folder.plugin
5. Open Document.plugin
6. Open Web.plugin
7. Make Alias.plugin
8. Make Copy.plugin
9. Move Items.plugin
  • The Menu Extra module, i.e. Launch Items Menu

What Launch Items X can do

  • By using Launch Items.plugin

    1. Launch Mac OS X applications.
    2. Ask most Mac OS X applications to open selected documents, e.g.

- Can select the pdf files, and ask Acrobat or Preview to open.

3. Launch classic Mac OS applications.
4. Ask most classic Mac OS applications to open selected documents.
5. Ask a running process to open selected documents.
6. Application switcher.

  • By using Browse Volumes.plugin

    7. Browse all mounted disks to open files and folders.
    8. Display parent folders of the target items.

  • By using Open Web.plugin

    9. Ask web browser to open web page.
    10. Ask mailer to send e-mail.

  • By using Open Folder.plugin

    11. Open customized folders and volumes. Also show the contents of selected folder.

  • By using Open Document.plugin

    12. Open customized documents by using a contextual menu.

  • By using Make Alias.plugin

    13. Make alias of any item, and put that alias in a customized folder.

  • By using Make Copy.plugin

    14. Copy any item to a customized folder.

  • By using Move Items.plugin

    15. Move any item to a customized folder.

  • By using Favorites Items.plugin

    16. Add any item to the Favorites folder.
    17. Open the Favorites folder from the contextual menu.
    18. Open items of the Favorites folder from the contextual menu.
    19. Favorites Items are displayed in hierarchical manner.

  • By using Launch Items Menu, a menu extra

    20. Show most plugin modules on the menu bar of any application.
    21. Display and activate running processes, i.e. it behaves as an application switcher.
    22. Manage files and folders, e.g set visibility, file's type, and file's creator.
    23. Provide an easy way to access the Applications folder in hierarchical manner.
    24. Users can add customized items to the menu, and access them from the menu bar.


Updated: February 2, 2005