Current Mac OS 9 Version : Iconizer Pro 2.1.2 (1.2 MB)

Current Mac OS X Version : Iconizer Pro X 3.0.6 (3.5 MB)

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Iconizer Pro is an application developed for generating a set of 32 bit ( 16 millions, full colors ) icons from any pictures. This feature is normally used for creating a background of CD, folder or other container windows. The output icons can also be viewed on any Mac OS but Mac OS 8.5 or higher is required to view 32 bit color. Iconizer Pro-generated backgrounds can be viewed on both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.



  • Icon outputs are 32 bits color depth, i.e. 16 millions color.
  • Icons can be viewed on Mac OS 6 through Mac OS X (32 bit icons require Mac OS 8.5 or higher).
  • Source images can be either picture clippings or QuickTime-compatible images, including PICT, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, GIF and Photoshop PSD.
  • The icons' names are very short.
  • Have "Clean Up" engine which allows to put deranged icons back to their original positions.
  • Iconizing engines run fast, about 30 icons/second on PowerBook G4 1 GHz.
  • Other features, e.g. drag and drop, navigation service (new Open dialog) and more.
  • Support Apple's 8 bits mask (DeepMask), i.e. the icons have different levels of transparency.
  • The icon masks are customizable. A good example of custom mask feature is the Iconizer Pro logo inside the Iconizer Pro package: Download sample or View sample online.
  • Create icons automatically using the contextual menu plug-in. (Mac OS X only)




  • Mac OS 8.6 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later (10.3 or later recommended)
  • Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger ready


How to create icons-containing CDs for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X

1. On Mac OS X, create a new folder (or mounted disk image) as a CD master.
2. Set view of this folder to "as Icons".
3. Set icon size of this folder to 32x32 from the View Options window.
4. Create icons from Iconizer Pro by using this folder as the destination.
5. You may switch to Mac OS 9 to see whether everything is OK.
6. Burn CD. This CD background can be viewed on both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.


Photoshop support

  • Iconizer Pro 1.6 or later can accept the composite RGB layer data from Adobe Photoshop directly. Please download the Photoshop plug-in to obtain this feature: Iconizer Pro Plug-in 1.5. This feature has not been available for Mac OS X version.


Contextual Menu support

  • On Mac OS 9, Iconizer Pro Contextual Menu is a contextual menu plug-in which allows Iconizer Pro users to open any QuickTime-compatible images and picture clippings by using usual contextual menu method, i.e. Control-Click the image on Finder.
  • On Mac OS X, Iconizer Pro Plug-in provides more options as depicted below. Iconizer Pro Plug-in for Mac OS X is supplied inside the Iconizer Pro X package. Please note that one for Mac OS X will not work on Mac OS 9, and vice versa.
  • Iconizer Pro X contextual menu plug-in is universal binary (for both PowerPC and Intel Mac).



Need Mac OS 128x128 icons


How to obtain the best outputs

The following instruction is to advice you how to obtain the icons with the best quality.

  • Avoid compressed source images, e.g. JPEG images. Please use uncompressed formats, e.g. Photoshop PSD, PDF, TIFF or PICT.
  • Width and height of source images should be x times of 32. Icon Calculator may help you to create the best dimension.
  • Use custom mask. Custom mask allows users to create an icon set with different levels of transparency. It is suitable for users who have non-white window background.


Language support for Mac OS X

If you want to translate Iconizer Pro for Mac OS X, please contact me at:

Users can change the application language although that language is not installed on the current system. To change language, open the Info window of Iconizer Pro X. Then select the "Languages" popup menu. Check the language which you want to set, and uncheck the languages which you do not want. If you check more than one language, the used language is the one that has been set in the system preferences. This method does not work if Iconizer Pro X is on a locked volume.



Iconizer Pro is a shareware.

  • Single user license US$ 15.00
  • Site license US$ 120.00
  • World-wide site license US$ 1000.00
Purchase online at:


Please note that

1. Shareware or freeware developers can pay single user license.

2. Commercial users who distribute CDs with Iconizer Pro-generated icons inside: 1. with acknowledgement to Iconizer Pro in Read Me can pay single user license 2. without acknowledgement must pay site license.

3. Commercial users who want to bundle Iconizer Pro with their products, e.g. CD-R manufacturers, must pay world-wide site license price.

The registration code will be sent via e-mail.


For Italian users only

I clienti italiani possono acquistare Iconizer Pro X direttamente dal nostro fornitore, Pyxart, utilizzando questo collegamento: Vengono accettate carte di credito (tramite PayPal) ma anche ordini in denaro. Gli utenti usufruiranno dei seguenti benefici tramite il nostro fornitore:

1. Una comoda modalità d'acquisto senza utilizzo della carta di credito.

2. Un supporto in lingua italiana e aggiornamenti gratuiti della localizzazione.

3. Una mailing list per la segnalazione agli utenti della disponibilità di nuove versioni.


Version history

Please see:



Current Mac OS 9 Version : Iconizer Pro 2.1.2 (1.2 MB)

Current Mac OS X Version : Iconizer Pro X 3.0.6 (3.5 MB)

Iconizer Pro Plug-in 1.5 OS 9 (160K)

Iconizer Pro Contextual Menu 1.1 (80K)

Icon Calculator 1.0.7 (460K)

Icon Exporter Plug-in 1.8 OS 9 (200K)


Check an update with your Symbian mobile phone (e.g. Nokia 6600) at:

If you have problems or questions about Iconizer Pro, please e-mail me at:


See Mac OS 9 troubleshooting at:


Updated : April 8, 2006