Types of License

There are three license types, as the following.

Single User License : This is for personal user only. If you have more than one computer, you can purchase this license type.
Site License :
This is for your company, business or institute. You can distribute the software with its key in your company.
World-wide Site License :
You can distribute the purchased software with its key around the world, e.g. in your commercial CDs.


Purchase Online

We have two online stores. One is powered by Kagi while another is powered by eSellerate. Both stores can do the same actions. You can buy our products either from Kagi or from eSellerate.


Kagi is a pioneer of secure online store. It has served Mac customers for a decade. Click on the left logo to visit our store at Kagi.

Buy from Kagi : http://order.kagi.com/?69A


eSellerate is a modern secure store. It is a part of MindVision who makes the Installer VISE, an installer of great renown. Click on the logo to purchase.

Buy from eSellerate : http://store.eSellerate.net/naratt/store


The registration key will be sent via e-mail. Please make sure that your e-mail address is valid.


If you are an Italian Iconizer Pro X user, please see the option at the end of this page.



Purchase by cash or check

Kagi accepts payment by cash and check. To register with cash or check, please follow the instruction below:

1. Place the order at http://order.kagi.com/?69A
2. Send money order or check to Kagi

1442-A Walnut Street #392-67
Berkeley, California 94709-1405

If you have questions about payment by cash or check, please contact admin@kagi.com




Important notes

Some customers do not receive their registration keys because they provide wrong e-mail addresses, mostly due to typing error. If you do not receive the order confirmation from Kagi or eSellerate, and the registration key within 5 days, please e-mail to contact us.

Sometimes, you may enable a junk mail-blocking engine. If you do not receive the key within 5 days, you may turn off the engine and then contact us to ask for a key.

We will not refund for these types of error:

  • send us wrong e-mail address
  • duplicated purchase
  • wrong product (you can send e-mail to request a right product key.)


If you have questions about payment and registration, please send them to naratt@naratt.com


For Italian Iconizer Pro X users only

I clienti italiani possono acquistare Iconizer Pro X direttamente dal nostro fornitore, Pyxart, utilizzando questo collegamento: http://www.pyxart.it/macsw/

Vengono accettate carte di credito ( tramite PayPal ) ma anche ordini in denaro. Gli utenti usufruiranno dei seguenti benefici tramite il nostro fornitore:

Una comoda modalità d'acquisto senza utilizzo della carta di credito.

Un supporto in lingua italiana e aggiornamenti gratuiti della localizzazione.

Una mailing list per la segnalazione agli utenti della disponibilità di nuove versioni.



Updated : February 6, 2005